The 2 Biggest Excuses for not Training – and what to do about them

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There are two main excuses I hear over and over when it comes to not training – “I don’t have the money” and “I don’t have the time”.

My goal here is to dispel the notion of both.

Firstly, the money one…

This generally comes down to priorities.

Let me elaborate.

How many of you have expensive phone bills each month? Buy a coffee daily on the way to work? Perhaps eat lunch out every day? Buy a case of beer each weekend?

Buying a kettlebell for example is a one off expense and one that’ll last you a life time and provide you with an abundance of home workout options. It’s a fully equipped gym that can build strength, strip fat, build power and condition the body in one convenient cast-iron ball.

If the budget allows, men grab a 16kg, a 20kg and a 32kg bell and women grab a 12kg, a 16kg and a 20kg. Doing so you’ll have years of room for improvement and progress, with three one off investments.

When it comes to learning them, a coach is always the best option. The kettlebells are full of little details and subtleties that a coach can help iron out immediately. Again though, if that’s out of the budget, grab a copy of “Master the Kettlebell” by Max Shank and “Enter the Kettlebell” by Pavel Tstasouline and you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to start on your kettlebell journey.

Creating your own gym with the above items could be as simple as brewing your own coffee, packing your own lunch and skipping the case of beer on the weekend.

It all comes down to priorities and the classic phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

If you’re truly broke –

Trust me, I’ve been there – then there are still ways and means.

  • Find a hill to sprint. It’s free and a perfect metaphor for life – Most fear it. It’s painful. It’s uncomfortable and it has a way of revealing your true character. Your lungs will be filled with a fiery sensation and your heart will beat hard inside of your chest. Your legs will succumb to a weakened, grinding feeling. They never become easier and the hill will, more times than not, come out on top. But, everything you want, desire and are working towards is sat high on top of the hill. You have to bust your ass, time after time to keep reaching the top.


  • Make yourself a sandbag from an old duffel bag. Fill it with dirt, sand, rocks and whatever else will fill it out with some appreciable weight. Secure it tightly, sign-up to my newsletter on the right of this page and grab a copy of 100 sandbag workouts. No messing, no excuses and plenty of home workout ideas.

home workout

  • Put time in with bodyweight training. Perform push-ups and pull-ups by the hundreds. Jump, sprint, crawl and walk for distance, time or reps. You’ll never outgrow bodyweight training, so even if your fitness journey leads you to one of the best, most technically sound and fully equipped gyms in the world, your bodyweight training will still be a staple. Don’t know where to begin with bodyweight training? Check out “Strength Rules” by Danny Kavadlo or the classic “Convict Conditioning” by Coach Paul Wade for two densely packed, incredible guides to bodyweight training fundamentals through to elite levels. Again, more home workout options. 

Secondly, the Time one…

This is the one that grates on me more so than any other.

No time is complete bullshit frankly. Everyone has the time and much like the money excuse, it comes down to priorities.

Strength, health, fitness, fat-loss, muscle building, aesthetics, whatever your goal need not take hours. In fact, taking too long is often more damaging. By keeping the workouts short, sweet and to the point, the extras, the frivolities and the fluff have to be stripped away, leaving only the bare bones that work.

Watch less TV at night. Spend less time playing Xbox. Get up that little bit earlier. Go to bed that little bit earlier so you can get up more readily in the morning. Manage your time better and there is always time.

Every person reading these words has been gifted the same 24 hours in a day. How you choose to use those hours determines your outcomes.

If you want to lose weight, then make the time to do so.

If you want to get healthier, then make the time to do so.

If you want to build strength and muscle, then MAKE THE TIME TO DO SO.

It’s about Discipline

Making time comes down to discipline. It’s not because others have more desire or more will, but rather they make a decision to train and are disciplined in seeing it through.

It doesn’t need to be complex.

I spend my life convincing others that simplicity and basics are the keys to success. Are they exciting, not necessarily no, but they work.

Put focus on the basics. Look to improve them by a single percent every single day. Obsess over the nuances of the body and the movement patterns, strengthen them and when you wake the following day, focus on the repeating the process over.

My role as a coach is to distil information, processes, mechanics and nuances down to their simplest ideas and in doing so, pass on the information to my chargers, ever shortening the learning curve.

With each client comes a new slate on which I can further refine the process.

That is the beauty of having a coach, but don’t assume it is a must. I trained for years on a solo quest to understand strength, conditioning, movement and toughness. With each day, gather your own knowledge, look to improve the one percent and distil what you have gained into the next day’s quest for that improvement.

With Kettlebells

If you took action after reading the words above and have yourself some kettlebells, then put time into the swing, the goblet squat, weighted carries, cleans and presses.

When you have these basics down, the workouts can be condensed into very short, very intense home workout sessions.

Take my last time short, go-to workout I shared on Instagram.

“Not shared much recently, so to mask the pretty arbitrary and mundane exercise photos, I had some rare fun with filters. .
The workout itself was nothing too exciting. Time was short, life was busy, so the workout was kept savagely simple. .
20 swings, every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes followed by a 5 minute continuous carry switching between overhead, racked and farmer’s holds. .
15 or so minutes work – heart rate up, sweat broken, body feeling powerful, mind felt toughened and not a single excuse spoken to give the session a miss.”

Another short, yet incredibly effective workout with kettlebells is from Pavel Tsatsouline and its well documented, tested and explained in the book “Simple & Sinister”.

With the Hill

With the hill, again, it doesn’t take much. Get to the hill, warm-up with body weight movements, some jumping and some jogging. Then sprint the hill at 50% of your max speed and walk down. Next time 60%, and 70%, 80% and so-on, building up to a max effort sprint.

Depending on your level of fitness, experience, body type, weight and a host of other personal elements, either call it a day after the single max effort sprint or work in a few more.

Limit your time on the hill to a maximum of 30 minutes. This keeps the session succinct and the intensity high.

With Bodyweight

I like to have density style sets when time is sparse.

Give yourself a number, a handful of movements and in whatever sets it takes, get the reps done.

For example,

“The Centurion”

  1. Bodyweight Squats x 100 total
  2. Push-ups x 100 total
  3. Recline rows x 100 total
  4. Walking Lunges x 100 total (50 per leg)

This session is fairly brief, brutal in execution and a very fulfilling home workout for the body and mind.

Parting Words

Life gets busy, shit gets in the way, but all I can say is roll with the punches. Home workout options and succinct savage simplicity style workouts make for perfect options. Stop with the excuses, make a commitment to health, get dedicated and become disciplined in the act.

If you’re not already, go and follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I try to share as many options for home workout and savagely simplistic training.

Be social!

Let me know who you are and where you’re at in your journey.

As always, keep things simple, keep them savage.


home workout